Health tips

Author: Richard A. Flavell

1. Look at your cat. What does it do when it wakes up? Exactly, it does its stretching exercises every morning. Blue Star Ointment tell, if you should do the same if you want to normalize blood circulation with blue star ointment and to lessen your back pain use blue star ointment.

2. Again, look at your cat! The first thing he is interested in the morning is having breakfast. You should have breakfast too. Scientists say that those who have breakfast every day turn out to be healthier and they lose weight faster that those who skip breakfast at all.

3. Do not forget to brush your teeth. You should understand that bad teeth lead to other illnesses. It seems to be unimaginable, but sometimes adults do not understand how to brush their teeth in a proper way. The procedure should not last less than two minutes. Using dental floss and mouthwash will help you to maintain hygiene during the day.

4. Not only your body needs exercises, you brain needs them too. You should try to shake your brain in order to awaken. When you do the same things every day, you fall into a rut; your brain's activity comes down. Some easy tasks can improve the situation, for example, change the route to work you used to take, choose the clothes you want to wear without looking at it, just touch it and find the clothes you want according to the texture and so on.

5. Scientists say that those people who believe in God and those who are prayed for cope with illnesses faster that those who do not care about religion at all. If you do not set yourself up for an atheist, you should better get more spiritual; delve deeply into the religion you are interested in.

6. Your bones need calcium and you should provide them with it. You should drink milk, yoghurt and eat cottage cheese, if you want your bones to stay as strong as they were when you were 18.

7. Treat yourself to berries. Grapes and blueberries will reduce the risk of heart diseases and cancer due to the antioxidant they contain.

8. Tomatoes are wonderful cancer fighters. Why not to add them into your salad, soup and sandwich?

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