Eat at home and lose weight

On 6 December 2017 Posted by Bob Marks

Dining out is one of life's little rewards, and most of us love to eat a meal that we don't have to fix or clean up after. Sure, it's fun, yet restaurant portions are often so grandiose that they border on obscene. What are some of the sneaky ways that restaurant foods add calories?

Large portions. One popular American chain restaurant serves such large proportions that the majority of customers actually end up complaining about the size of the meal. Those who aren't complaining, are gaining.

Starch on starch. Grabbing a sandwich at the deli for lunch is convenient and nutritious, right? Not if you eat all the chips that are also served alongside the sandwich. You've got plenty of starch in the bread. No need to add chips on top of that. Most people eat them anyway, because of the salt, they're immediately addicting.

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Exercise Motivation and Healthy Eating Meet Face to Face!

On 2 December 2017 Posted by Bob Marks

At 17 years old, it often surprises people when they learn how devoted I am to living a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle. However, instead of viewing my choices as a daunting chore, I take pleasure in fueling my body with healthy foods and staying fit and active.

I love sharing with the world my daily eats, as well as my physical activities and snippets of the events taking place in my life.

In regards to both food and fitness, I think learning to both listen to your body and make healthy choices are the two most crucial goals in living an overall healthy lifestyle.

When you listen to your body, you automatically start fueling it with the nutrients it needs to keep up to your busy life. We all have cravings, but what's important is that we can dissect these cravings and figure out what it is that our body is telling us.

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Health Tips

On 9 November 2017 Posted by Bob Marks

1. Look at your cat. What does it do when it wakes up? Exactly, it does its stretching exercises every morning. You should do the same if you want to normalize blood circulation and to lessen your back pain.

2. Again, look at your cat! The first thing he is interested in the morning is having breakfast. You should have breakfast too. Scientists say that those who have breakfast every day turn out to be healthier and they lose weight faster that those who skip breakfast at all.

3. Do not forget to brush your teeth. You should understand that bad teeth lead to other illnesses. It seems to be unimaginable, but sometimes adults do not understand how to brush their teeth in a proper way. The procedure should not last less than two minutes. Using dental floss and mouthwash will help you to maintain hygiene during the day.

4. Not only your body needs exercises, you brain needs them too. You should try to shake your brain in order to awaken. When you do the same things every day, you fall into a rut; your brain's activity comes down. Some easy tasks can improve the situation, for example, change the route to work you used to take, choose the clothes you want to wear without looking at it, just touch it and find the clothes you want according to the texture and so on.

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