Short Term Health Insurance in Florida

On 15 October 2017 Posted by Bob Marks

A short term health insurance plan in Florida is a very specific product geared to serve the needs of different types of groups.

Who would need short term health insurance in Florida

Employees between jobs
Recently graduated students
employed part-time or just waiting for a permanent health insurance plan

The main idea behind the concept of short term health insurance is to provide medical care coverage to people who want it for a small period of time. Short term health insurance in Florida is geared to provide quality and high-level coverage but for a short span of time.

It is clear that the costs involved in a short term health insurance plan are less. The benefits offered are also not comprehensible as the traditional health insurance plans would offer; however, a short term health insurance plan does offer the security of knowing that if a health problem comes up, the insured person still has the financial security from medical bills.

Short-term health insurance plans run typically for 1 to 6 months; however, these should never be used in place of a standard, permanent health insurance plan. As a resident of Florida, you should consider a short term health insurance plan offering cover for an unforeseen illness or injury only. It is not, by any means, is geared to provide coverage for routine health care, preventive health care and immunizations or dental and eye care.

Advantages of short term health insurance plans in Florida:

Short term health insurance surely offers some benefits. Some of these benefits are:

Short term health insurance in Florida is less expensive than regular medical coverage provided by health insurance plans.

Short term health insurance is free from restriction of physiciansa_T networka_"consumer has the freedom to visit any doctor of your choice.

Some insurance companies offer "Certificate of Creditable Coverage" to be used with your next employer's health insurance policy. This helps in making sure that your new group coverage cannot exclude your pre-existing medical conditions.

All eligible dependents such as your spouse and children can be covered in the short term health insurance plan.