Tanning Beds for Strong Bones

On 9 October 2017 Posted by Bob Marks

There are two important substances needed to make sure that the bones are healthy and strong. These are calcium and vitamin D (also known as calciferol). According to Dr. Michael Holick, a health expert from Boston University, an individual needs about 1,000 units of vitamin D in one day. A glass of milk has been found to supply only 100 units of vitamin D while multivitamin capsules or tablets gives 400 units. This implies that taking multivitamins and drinking milk (even two full glasses of it) are not enough to provide the average body of all the vitamin D it needs.

A person's largest source of vitamin D is his own skin. There are substances in the skin, called precursors, which change into vitamin D when exposed to the sun's ultraviolet rays. This is why in some countries, babies are purposely taken out of the house and directly exposed to the morning sun so that the vitamin D in the baby skin will be activated and help strengthen the bones. In other words, direct exposure to the sun is not always harmful. It offers health benefits.

Unfortunately, bright sunlight is not experienced throughout the year. Sunlight is greatly reduced during the winter season. Then, some people avoid sunlight like the plague. They wear sunscreens or sun block lotions. These chemicals reduce the amount of sunlight that penetrates the skin, thereby decreasing the production of vitamin D.

Other people simply have lifestyles that keep them away from the sun. For example, a typical working man gets into his car which is inside the garage and drives to his working place. He parks his car in the basement and takes the elevator. He stays in a cubicle for the whole morning and takes his lunch at a canteen lit by fluorescent lamps. Then he continues to work in his cubicle until early evening. He did not receive enough sunlight. And as time goes by, his bone density begins to decrease.

There is a way, however, to prevent the weakening of one's bones because of such a lifestyle. A person can spend several minutes every few weeks in a tanning bed or tanning booth. The ultraviolet radiation released by the tanning lamps is the same as the UV radiation coming from the sun. This same radiation can activate the precursors in the skin and can produce vitamin D. The great thing about this vitamin is that it can be stored in the body until the body needs it. Thus, a person need not use the tanning bed everyday. He can use a tanning bed for twenty minutes on one Saturday and have enough vitamin D to last him until he needs to tan again.