What Sounds Better For Your Busy Schedule?

On 17 September 2017 Posted by Bob Marks

In your super-busy, time-starved, too-busy-to-exercise-life, what sounds better:

1 Hour of Exercise or 24 Hours of Being Dead?

It's easy to be "too busy" and to put off all the important things we need to do in life. If you want to convince someone you didn't have time to do something, you just tell them you were too busy; then expect them to believe you! Here's what you really mean to say to that person:

"I had the time to call you back (because I have the same 24 hours in my day as you do), but I chose to do other things that were more important at the time. Therefore, you were moved lower on my priority list of things to do, and I will be calling you back when I no longer have priorities that rank higher than you."

Now- let's take that example and relate it to exercise. Answer these questions:

* How do you spend your time before work each day?

* How do you spend the time after work each day?

* Do you wake up 20 minutes earlier or do you sleep right up until the time your alarm clock goes off?

* Do you watch television? If so, for how long?

It's this simple: If you prioritize being healthy above sleeping, you will exercise in the morning before work and you won't:

* Make excuses.

* Allow anything to "pop up."

* Allow your blackberry to interfere.

* Miss a single day.

Rather - You will wake up and look forward to exercising because it is going to increase your chances of living longer- and it's that simple.

Please, please (pretty please) start an exercise program today. It's a great first step to living a happier, healthier life. I know it may not be fun for you- but it can help you live longer.

Do you Already exercise? Please do a good deed today and pass this on to someone who needs to start exercising. You just may save a life!